The East Cost of Sri Lanka

The East Cost of Sri Lanka

The East Cost of Sri Lanka

The east cost of Sri Lanka holds the most beautiful and incredible beaches of all. Unfortunately the civil war is preventing to reach and fully discover the beauty of them. Even in our travel guide we have mentioned it is unsafe to travel to North and East of the country it is incredibly rewarding places to visit. Among the east cost beaches mainly Arugam bay , Nilaweli and Kalkuda are very popular. Among them Arugam Bay is special as it is rated as among the top ten surfing destinations in the world.

Travel to Trincomalee

Beat way to travel to Trincomalee is to get a chauffer driven car, or else you can take a bus or the train. Trincomalee is world famous for one of the largest and the best Natural harbour which is why it became the navel base during the World War II of Allied forces. Warm and clear waters, beautiful beaches and friendly people of Trincomalee makes it a place worth of visiting.

Visit the Fort Frederick which was originally built by Pothouses and the Swami Rock which is also know as "Lovers Leap" because a Dutch official's daughter "Francina Van Reede" jumped from this rock. Another worth of visiting place id the Koddiyar Bay from which the longest river of Sri Lanka meats the Indian Ocean. Koddiyar Bay is located about 12 km from Trincomalee and it is a scenic place to see.

Popular Beaches

The popular beaches of this region are Nilaweli and Uppuveli. Theses beaches were terribly effected by the tsunami and slowly building up again. A couple of kilometers away from Nilaweli beach you can reach Pigeon Island. If you want to go to island you have to hire a boat. This is one of the best place for Snorkeling in this region. Another worth of visiting place is the Hot water springs of Kanniya. This is best known for its therapeutic qualities.

Batticaloa and Arugam Bay

Batticaloa is the next largest city of this cost. It is surrounded by massive lagoons. Arugam Bay is beautiful beach resort which offers the best surfing conditions in the world. This was very badly affected by the tsunami and now rebuilding process is going on. Arugam Bay is mostly known as for the high quality accommodation for its reasonable price as well.

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