Health & Safety Facilities In Sri Lanka

Health & Safety Facilities In Sri Lanka

Health & Safety in Sri Lanka

To enter Sri Lanka you do not need any health certificates but it is recommended that you take slandered vaccinations. There are no major health hazards in Sri Lanka, but generally we suggest you take necessary precaution regarding Cholera and Malaria because prevention is better than cure. If you haven't taken Anti-malaria tablets you can use mosquito repellent which are available everywhere. If you do not use bottled water diarrhea can be a problem for you. You can prevent diarrhea by adhering to some basic health practices such as using only bottled water and washing fruits before eating.

As Sri Lanka is closer to the equator it is very hot, especially in dry zone. It is better if you can use a lotion for protection and use a hat or an umbrella too. As we have mentioned earlier it is important you drink lot of water to avoid any dehydration. Use bottled water, King Coconut or soft drinks. Avodie any fresh frout juice from road side.

Hospitals - Medical Services

Sri Lanka has general hospitals in Colombo, Kandy, Galle and Negambo which has good facilities and the regenal hospitals have less facilities. There are many private hospitals in major cities (atleast one private hospital) specially in Colombo area good private hospitals are available.

Pharmacies are available in all cities which sells western medicines. Try the state owned pharmacy chain "Osusala Pharmacy" which is very realable but it will take some time to process your order (roughly 15 mins depending on the crowd). Colombo Osusala pharmacy is open 24 hours.

Safety - Crime & accidents

Sri Lanka is far safer country compared to other Asian countries. Violent crimes on tourists are unheard. But it is advisable that you follow cretin safty measures. Do not leave your valuables. Do not accept lifts from strangers and do net stay in deserted beaches and locations during the night. Most importantly take extra caution when swimming many locals drowned every year. Always check for local advice if you are not sure of beaches. Do not take alcohol when you are swimming. The next important safety measures should be taken when you are traveling. Wear seat belts all the time, be careful when you are staying at bus-stops and traveling from three-wheelers.

War and Violence

Fighting between the Sri Lankan government and LTTE terrorists (Tamil Tiger) was started in year 1983. The war continued for three decades until the government defeat LTTE in this year (2009). But still traveling to north of the country is not advisable and dangerous. Most of the captured areas are heavily mined.

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