Ancient city of Sigiriya

Ancient city of Sigiriya

Sigiriya is treated as one of the magnificent creation in the world. It is believed that the path way to Sigiriya was through a Lions mouth. But now only the giant paws of the lion is remaining. The rest of the structure is believed to be decade.

Sigiriya was built by King Kashapa who ruled Sri Lanka for about 18 years. It has taken 7 year to built this magnificent place. The story of Sigiriya is linked to the tragic story of King Kassapa who is a son of King Dhatusena. King Dhatusena had tow sons 'Moggallana' and 'Kassapa' from different queens. Although Moggallana was the eldest.

Kassapa took over the thorn. Moggallana fled to seeing help from Choola. Later Kassapa immured his father. As for the Mahawansa, King Kashapa knew that Moggallana will come to battle with him and he choose this place as it is a difficult place to reach.

During 495 A.D. Moggallana fought with is step brother Kassapa. It was said that during the battle elephant ridden by King Kassapa change the course for some reason and Kassapa's army interpreted as a signal of retreat leaving the king along. It is said that King Kassapa killed himself.

Murals Of Sigiriya

Sigiriya is world famous for its beautiful drawings. The murals of Sigiriya are treated as the oldest drawings in Sri Lanka. The murals are in the west side of Sigiriya rock in a cave. The drawings are done on a plaster which is made out of clay, cow done, dahaiya, and Gadol. The colors used to paint maidens are red, yellow ,green and brown.The maidens in the Sigiriya murals have been identified as ladies in the court of King Kassapa. Sigiriya murals are long been admired by thousands of visitors all around the world. It is believed that there were about 500 drawings of maidens on these walls but today only 22 can be seen.

The Gardens of Sigiriya

From the archeological excavation it has reveled that Sigiriya is a properly designed city within a area of 16 hectares. From 600 feet the view of the magnificent garden complex is berth taking. The principles used in designing of the gardens are symmetric and asymmetric. It is evident that a sophisticated irrigation system (some are still working) was their to supply water to the gardens and to the top of the rock.

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